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Here you will find updates and information on the motivational superhero Fobia. Fobia is a superhuman with a mission: to show people that it doesn’t take superhuman powers to conquer your fears. Go to the About page to learn more about Fobia or the Contact page to find out how he can help come to your rescue.

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Learn more about former WWE/WCW pro wrestler, chiropractor, lifelong fitness enthusiast, motivational speaker, and now an inspirational comic book SUPERHERO character, Dr. Shawn. Read More

Fobia seeks to inspire others with a positive and impactful message. Like he once did and continues to do so, in order to achieve your greatest visions and fulfill your life potential, you must first face your fears in life. Acknowledge them. Admit to them. Then strategically take the necessary steps required to overcome them. Take control of your life. Set goals and then take the actions necessary to achieve them. Your greatest visions can become reality. The life you always wanted to live can be yours to have. So says Fobia.